Aids and adaptations specialists

Here at Profurb Ltd., we are experts in providing tailored aids and adaptations to help our clients live independently. We have a multi-skilled and highly experienced workforce, who have specialist knowledge and can provide advice on how to make everyday living as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We never take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and can ensure sensitive and suitable adaptations.

Our range of clients includes private homeowners and local authorities and we can ensure individual needs are always met. Our services are always competitively priced and all work is completed with minimal disruption.

Our services include entire ground floor extensions and level access to help disabled users enjoy more independent living and a range of other aids. Work can be completed both internally and externally. We have an in-house Occupational Therapist and can also conduct site-specific risk assessments to ensure our work always meets the required needs.

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We can provide a range of aids and adaptations

Our builders can provide a whole range of aids and adaptations, including (though not limited to):

Aids and adaptation build specialists
  • Ramps

    We can supply and install modular and landscaped ramps for wheelchair access in private and commercial locations. We can advise you about the best ramp system for your need and will ensure all solutions meet your budget, needs, and timescales.

  • Galvanised rails

    We can fit galvanised handrails around any property, to allow homeowners safe access to and around their property. We can provide innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.

  • Step modifications

    If the existing steps in your home are too high to manage safely, we can make adaptations, such as half steps. We can provide advice and recommendations based on our specialism and experience.

  • Level access showers

    We can ensure our clients can enjoy practical and safe showing solutions with level access showers. These shower areas within wet rooms do not have a shower tray, so are easily accessed and are completely waterproof. We can advise you on the right options for you.

  • Grab rails

    Our construction experts can fit grab rails that are designed to improve safety and help users with a variety of tasks in the bathroom and around the home. We install bars that are practical and durable.

  • Stair lifts and hoists

    We can work with specialist manufacturers to supply and fit hoists and stair lifts. This can include ceiling-mounted or free-standing hoists that are designed to move patients from room to room. Our installations include all builders’ work needed for the installation of these products.

  • Through floor lifts

    We can provide and install a full range of lifts, including lifts that move from one floor to another safely. These lifts are convenient and easy to use and we provide a no-hassle and expert installation. We can manage the entire process for you.

  • Door widening for wheel chair access

    Your home should be somewhere that you can move around freely. We can ensure doors are wide enough for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues to pass through easily. We will make good with existing décor and can offer expert advice at every stage.

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